Vernon E. Cleaves Agricultural Science & Technology
Lyman Hall High School

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Supervised Agricultural Experience

The SAE project is an integral part of the agricultural science and technology program. With help from their Agriculture Science teacher, every student develops an SAE project where they are able to apply skills learned in class to real world applications. A few possible SAE projects include:

Vegetable Production                                        Landscape Management
Poultry Production                                             Outdoor Recreation
Small Animal Production & Care                       Veterinary Science
Ag Mechanics Repair & Maintenance               Nursery Operations
Wildlife Management                                         Food Product Development

For more help choosing an SAE project check out some of the resources below. Ask your Ag teacher or a fellow ag student for help brainstorming ideas for an SAE project.

SAE Approval and Paperwork 

Certain SAE projects, such as volunteering at a non-profit agricultural organization or working with machinery, require additional paperwork. Please check with your Ag teacher before starting a new SAE project.

SAE/Portfolio Assistance 
Generally, portfolio and SAE assignments are completed the first Monday of each month. That being said, there is some movement of the actual Portfolio Day. If students come prepared with materials to complete their portfolio and SAE assignments at the beginning of every month, they will be prepared. Questions about Portfolio Day can be directed to your specific teacher. 

Check out the 
Peer Tutor folder on Google Drive (you do not need a WPS Google account to view) for documents to help you complete your SAE and Portfolio assignments. 

If you are interested in receiving community service hours by becoming a peer tutor for SAE and Portfolio assignments, see Mrs. Picard. 

SAE Spotlight
Check out a project being conducted by one of our Juniors in Wildlife Biology for her SAE. This summer she attend the Natural Resource Conservation Academy at UConn where she spent a week learning about various fields of natural resources. She is currently conducting a community project with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Westbrook observing the species that frequent early successional habitat. She will be hosting an educational presentation at the Westbrook Library this spring. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more information.


For a list of SAE opportunities, please visit our Pinterest Page:

For FFA SAE Award Areas, visit The National FFA Organization Website or the links below:

For a list of Award Areas for outstanding SAE Projects click here

For a list of descriptions of SAE Project Proficiency Award Areas click here

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