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Lyman Hall High School

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“You Go Girls!”

Submitted by Mallory Foster

From October 23 to the 27, members of the Lyman Hall FFA Chapter attended the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Those members, Kate Brown, Mallory Foster, Samantha Pendred and Mataya Walker were all teammates on Lyman Hall’s Veterinary Science CDE Team.  They competed at the spring CDE competition and placed second at the state level.  Although this wouldn’t normally land them a trip to Nationals, 2012 was the first year Veterinary Science would be a national competition. This gave the first and second place teams from each state an opportunity to compete.  During the two days of competition the team took a general knowledge test, were evaluated on handling restraints and clinical techniques, wrote essays concerning veterinary issues, and participated in a team presentation.  After the two days had ended the team and their advisor, Kathryn Dal Zin, attended the award ceremony.  In this first year of the event there were eighty teams that competed and Lyman Hall placed eleventh overall.  We are very proud of the girls who worked diligently to prepare for this competition. 

Ruminant Stomach Dissection

Submitted by Mallory Foster

On Monday December 3rd the Senior classes of Small Animal Tech and Wildlife Bio teamed up to dissect a ruminant stomach. A ruminant stomach, unlike monogastrics has four chambers. With the guidance of Mrs. Dal Zin and Mrs. Picard, students examined these four chambers. Each chamber has a purpose in the digestive tract. This was emphasized as students examined the digest found in each compartment, as well as the physical characteristics of each compartment. The dissection was a great hands on activity to learn about the ruminant digestive system.

My Experience Competing Nationally

Submitted by Rachel Footit

 After I competed at the 2012 National FFA Convention in the Dairy Cattle Handling CDE, placing Gold Emblem and ranking in the top 10 in the country, I brought a lot of new knowledge back to the chapter and have started a team for both the Dairy Cattle Judging CDE and the Dairy Handling CDE. The Dairy Cattle Judging CDE competition is held in April. The team will be judging dairy cattle of all ages. They are working right now on the parts of the animal and what to look for as a judge. In February we will be heading out to local farms and judging live cattle. This is a large contest with four different sections. First, the general knowledge test consists of questions on material from Hoard's Dairyman Magazine and a 4-H quiz bowl booklet on the Dairy cattle industry from previous years. The next section, scenarios, will be based on Feed/Nutrition, there will be more information to come. The third and fourth sections are the actual judging portion of the competition. They will be judging two heifer classes (1-2 year old) and two cow classes (2 years and older). Two of the classes that will be judged will require the competitors to give oral reasons on why they placed the cattle like they did. The Dairy Handling CDE will be held at the end of April as well. Dianna Bloom (Sophomore) and Rebecca Groves (Senior) will be the two to represent our chapter. These two girls are the only ones in our chapter that can compete as they are the only two members with one or more years of experience in handling dairy cattle. As the two girls are showing, there will be teams of students judging around them. The two girls will be judged on their control of the animal as well as how well they present their animal to the judge. They have specific guidelines on how the animals are to be presented to a judge that comes from the PDCA Dairy Showmanship Scorecard. They have the experience and will do their very best as some of the animals received may not be the best behaved. We wish all the members of the Dairy Cattle Judging and Dairy Cattle Handling CDEs the best of luck with their hard work and dedication to their practices and to their competition in April.


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